How To Find Clothes That Flaunt Your Personality

Wearing clothes that offer people a sense of who you are as a person will make you feel more at ease in your clothing, and make you feel good about what you wear. Clothing provides a chance to express yourself in new ways and you shouldn’t be afraid to make a statement in your outfit. If you want to find new clothes that flaunt your personality, follow this guide.

Understand What You Like

The first step in finding clothing that really matches your personality is knowing what you like. This doesn’t mean just what is in your wardrobe but also items that you may have seen others wear or clothing you like on social media. You can look good in anything if you have the confidence to wear it; being shy doesn’t mean you have to dress shy, there is more to your personality than this.

Try taking a personality test such as the Myers-Briggs test and then follow this guide to see what clothing styles may suit your personality. Remember, your clothing is an extension of you and so following what you like rather than trends will lead to you feeling happier in your outfit choices.

Look for Inspiration

Once you have an idea of what your personality is and what style you think would flaunt your personality, it is time to look for inspiration. The best way to do this is through fashion magazines, as well as by utilizing social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Searching for items that you like and adding these to your pinboard on Pinterest will allow you to see a style emerging, which you can then work towards when shopping for your new clothes. If you are into vintage and retro vibes, consider looking in thrift shops for vintage designer pieces or using clothing platforms such as Depop.

Try New Things

The easiest way to find out what is going to work for you is by trying new things. Don’t just look at things on the rack you like and put them back because you don’t think you’ll suit them; the only person stopping you from wearing what you want is you. Know what clothing goes well with your body shape and hair color, then you can work towards clothing that suits your personality too. When you dress to a standard you like, you will find a lot more fun in getting dressed in the morning.

If you always stick to plain boots or sandals, now is the time to break free of your own limitations and try something new. Sneakers, slides and loafers are a great way to dress for your personality and there are a pair of shoes out there to suit any character. If you are a bubbly, bright and bold person, a pair of these Gucci shoes is bound to call to you.

Understand your personality and preferences then begin to find inspiration online or in magazines. Be adventurous and try things you maybe never have before to find clothes that flaunt your personality. The Montreal based e-commerce platform SSENSE has got you covered with the latest Spring-Summer 2020 arrivals, that are now at 20% off with the coupon SHOP20, USA only, some brand exceptions apply.


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