Contributors for an up-and-coming avant-guard fashion magazine/e-shop

Submerge into the avant-guard.

Stylemendi is an international women’s fashion and lifestyle magazine, seeking to dig deep into events, artists and fashion that are not highly publicized. We firmly believe that submerging into the avant-guard scene of every country and city we visit or live in, is a mind-opening experience that is second to none.

Whether it is an interview with an up-and-coming fashion designer, a new art gallery with a totally novel concept, or an out of the ordinary city tour; we strive to feed your head with discoveries and bring to the spotlight all those people that are brave enough to face a challenge and contribute to the local avant-guard scene and keep it alive.

We are looking for contributors that want to create something new and always are out for new cases. We give you the opportunity to contribute with a growing magazine that’s completely open to your ideas. At the moment all work is on a commission basis. None of us at the magazine get any income from it, but we do get great networking and opportunities, such as getting exclusive invitations, or press accreditations for events.

We are open to your suggestions regarding content, as long as they follow the editorial line of our magazine.
We do not expect you to dedicate a lot of time to the magazine, but we do expect our contributors to be somewhat regular. We are flexible and nobody will push you to write when you can’t but we should all work towards making the magazine grow together, and eventually receiving income from it in the future (yes, all contributors as well!).

We are also very interested in videographers, photographers and artists. Our site is open to your suggestions and your work, and if it fits, we’ll definitely feature it.

Hit us up, and let’s start building the future we all deserve together!
Thank you